PROM wordbook 2009 $3.00

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Terrific wordbook just in time for the prom season. I have used blue and white since they are our schools colors but this would look great in any color. Included is a solid back page which can be cut to use for pics or to attach the page with the 2009 to. It also includes all single letters and each page PROM. If you are interested in this wordbook or any other here please email me with

Trifold GRADUATION apature money card $2.00

Friday, April 24, 2009

Just in time for graduation it is a perfect money card for that special grad. The card is an apature card and the grad hat is seperate to be added . If you are interested in this grad card svg file for $2.00 please email me at

GRADUATE frame svg file FREEBIE

Here is a simple but great graduation frame. Wether your child of any child is graduating from high school, college, preschool it will be perfect for that special picture. If you are interested in this file just email me at,

Wedding money apature card svg Sale $2.00

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I have just finished this trifold money apature card for that special bride and groom. It includes the red heart and the 2 doves so that is you use single color paper you can add the embellishments when you fold the bottom up so that you can see the doves and heart through the front. The letters can be cut or even done with the markers. I am going to give that a try since we have a wedding in July. If you are intersted in this svg file or any others please email me at

Sympathy Card svg File sale $2.00

I have just finished this sympathy card and had 3 request to purchase so I figured I would post. It includes 2 butterflies the words, mountains flowers and stems. Is a great file to keep on hand, it is the kind of card no one likes to think of but it will be nice to have one on hand. If interested in the svg file for $2.00 please email me at

Fathers Day apature card svg sale $2.00

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Here is the terrific match to my Fathers Day Wordbook. It is files for both types of cards.The first is an apature card and the second is a card with the piercing to adhere to the front. If you are interested in this file or any others you see on my blog please email me at

Dinosaur Card or Invitation FREEBIE

Monday, April 20, 2009

Here is the perfect svg file for the little person in your life. A terrific dinosaur card or even to be used as an invitation. It includes the card itself the black shadow (or whatever color you choose) and the Dinosaur which is paper pierced to see the back color for the eyes,moutn and leg. If you are interested in this svg file please email me at

FREEDIE Vase and flowers..

Freebie file for today. Included is the flowers and centers, Stems and leaves, the vase and a front piercing to show shadowing. If you like the design and are interested in it please email me at

Mothers Day Card sale $2.00

This card can be as colorful as you choose. With many flowers and words it is your design. The card has the scalloped design paper pierced to see through so you can use paper with a different design on the other side and see it through the front. Included is the stem, flowers, letters & butterfly. You added words for mom inside and you are set. If you are interested in purchasing the files for this Mothers Day card fr $2.00 please email me at

Mothers Day Card sale $2.00

Here is a gorgeous Mothers Day card. The front pot I made yellow just to show what it looks like. It will be the same color as the card. You can then add a different color so you have this look. Includes the stem and flowers. The pot is also pierced the show the depth.

Fathers Day wordbbook svg file SALE $3.00

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Looking for that special wordbook for dad. Here it is. Having 4 pages along with the piercing the add to the front and all the letters to add depth. I added a plain back page that you can use if you like or not. I made this as a card so I like the back page so the letters don't bend but if making with chipboard you might not need it. Add your own special words and pics and dad will be thrilled. If you are interested in purchasing Fathers Day wordbook for $3.00 please email at

Glass Block etching........

Friday, April 17, 2009

This is the first attempt and I need to retape and reetch the outer part. The next one I want to do the opposite but I already had this vinyl cut so I went this way. Of course the lights are not in yet that is why is was hard to get a pic but this ne is only temporary. I will be working on others this weekend after the big yardsales and the porch roof project.... TGIF Have a great day....

Mothers DAy Wordbook SVG sale $3.00

Thursday, April 16, 2009

With Mothers Day right around the corner here is the perfect wordbook for your mother. It has 3 pages plus separate words and the front can either be left single or after cutting out attached to the first page. Can be used on chipboard or even just card stock for a special card. If interested in the svg file for $3.00 please email me at

New glass block and vinyl project

This is our local Fire Co and it has just been restored to look as it did 130 years ago. I did a vinyl cut out on a glass block and I am thrilled with the results.
I need to get amber lights instead of the clear but I have not found them yet. Otherwise I think for all the detail this turned out terrific.

Dance Ballerina Wordbook svg $3.00

Monday, April 13, 2009

Here is the perfect wordbook for your little dancer. It is recital time and this wordbook would be perfect. It has 6 pages with either of the front you choose and all loose letters. If you are interested in this svg wordbook for $3.00 please email me at

Grad and Preschool Grad Wordbook svg $3.00

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Here are 2 wordbooks just in time for the big day. Wether you have a graduate or a preschool grad these are the wordbook files for you. If interested in purchasing the svg files for $3.00 please email me at

Motocross Racing Wordbook SVG Sale $3.00

It's that time of year, with all the motocross racing and dirk bike sports. I have just finished a terrific wordbook to add all the wonderful pics when your favorite person is biking.The racing wordbook has 7 pages with each separate letter and the motorcycle and With the Motocross wordbook there is 8 pages along with the single letters and cut out motorcycle. If interested in purchasing this wordbook for $3.00 please email me at


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